Shiprepairing Center «Zvyozdochka» is modern shiprepairing and shipbuilding complex with high technical and industrial potential. The enterprise occupies square 147 ha.  The shipyard has two covered slipways intended for repair and building of ships and vessels with displacement up to 15 thousand tons. Launching dock provides lifting and lowering of vessels with width up to 25.5 meters and length up to 170 meters. Shifting of vessels to covered slipways is performed on trollies. Three fitting-out jetties have overall length 1400 meters. There are the following shops at the shipyard for solving issues of high quality and well-timed execution of orders at the shipyard:
– hull plating, assembling and welding shop;
– piping shop;
– ship equipment repair shop;
– ship systems repair and trials shop;
– painting-insulating and special coatings shop;
– fitting-out shop;
– propeller production;
– shop for chemical cleaning and electrodeposited coatings;
– shops for mechanical treatment, tools and accessories manufacturing;
– shops for repair of vessels’ and ships’ electric equipment.